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Glossary Of Computer And Internet Terms

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If you're male or female. Here you go. FOLLOW THIS STEP BY STEP:

1) Make a new Win32 Application project. Ensure that it has a single source file with document/view support. Include the "afxwin.h" library file. Declare a CSplitterwnd variable.

2) Understand the difference between static and dynamic splitter windows. A static splitter window has a static number of panes, determined inside the parent frame's
"OnCreateClient" function during initialization. A user can only change the size of the panes. A dynamic splitter window provides controls that enable a user to create, delete and resize additional panes as required. During initialization, the framework creates a single pane by default.

3) Place the CSplitterWnd variable on a parent window or frame. This example utilizes a CFrameWnd object as the parent frame. From inside the "OnCreateClient"
member function of "CFrameWnd," call the "CreateStatic" or "Create" function of "CSplitterWnd," depending on whether you want to create a static or a dynamic splitter window, respectively.

4) Adjust the height and width of the individual panes through the "SetRowInfo" and "SetColumnInfo" member functions. You call them inside "CreateStatic" or "Create" to initialize the height and width to zero. Call them again after "CreateStatic" and "Create" to specify the desired pane dimensions.

5) Create scroll bars between the panes. A splitter window that has one row and two columns will display a WS_VSCROLL style scroll bar. One that has two rows
and one column will display a WS_HSCROLL style scroll bar. The default scroll bars are children of the CSplitterWnd class. A static CSplitterWnd object can support scroll bars from the classes of its panes.

just so you know embedding a splitter window in a CFrameWnd object will look sunken.
It's best to derive a class from CFrameWnd so as to remove its WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE style before creation.

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Autocomplete < Xcure >

You need to turn Autocomplete on.

Open Internet Explorer.
Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu.
Click the Content tab.
Click the AutoComplete button.

Make sure its checked.

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Signs on street posts and freeway entrance < Xcure >

Hello. im noticing more and more signs posted all over the
street. On the brown power posts, stappeld, it reads

These are obviously scams. But who am i to say they are
scams. So i contacted a few of them. First the "Buy your
home cash" one. They were offering me WAY below market value. So i contacted coldwell banker to ask, and they said yes they are scams. They said they've been getting calls from people trying to figure out if it was legit. ITS NOT.

My question is, can i take them down without getting in
trouble with the police? i mean is it legal to take these
signs off without getting arrested for theft or something?

Thanks a lot.

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Here you go < Xcure >

First verify that SELinux is enabled.

[root@www ~]# getenforce

You should see something back that looks like

If you see a different result, try:
[root@www ~]# setenforce 1

If you get an error, then you do not have SELinux
turned on. You will need to go to /etc/seliiinux/config
and edit the file to enable SELinux.

Once you turn this on (or turn it off actually) you will
have to reboot the linux server for the chagnes to take
effect because they are done during the kernal loading.

Once SELinux is enabled, do the following

Set SELinux to allow remote connections for HTTP

setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect=1

That's it.. Your done.... NEXT QUESTION!

Here you go < Xcure >


Try doing this in SAFE MODE. Or try running AVAST...Update the virus definitions and then schedule a boot time scan. That should do it. BTW avast is free.

Yes < Xcure >

We know. People posted this yesterday. Old news.